An excerpt from Celestial Journey Beyond the Stars:

"Have you ever wondered where the spirit of our soul travels when we are asleep? Some of us travel beyond the stars of this Solar Universe bringing back, at times glimses of beauty and perfect divine love reminding us of the perfection of all Creation. Sometimes we are granted
our desire of wanting to remember assisting us in our continuous evolution on our way back home in perfect harmony and peace.

We often encounter ascended masters, teachers, guides and aspects of Self in high dimensions, who dedicate their energies to spark us to remember who we are, and who also assist us in reliving the infinite reincarnations in various planes of consciousness and celestial realms of light beyond the stars of our own Universe.

Some of us work with the spaceships, others learn new techniques of healing - always using the Universal Energies - regardless if we label the healing with different names, some re-learn to perform etheric surgery, which was at all times available to us to manifest instant healing.

While visiting Puerto Rico and witnessing the sightings, I received divine guidance to interview Fernando as I was supposed to write a couple of chapters about him in this book. Fernando took me to his home to show me something very "unique". Upon arrival he proceeded to leave the room for a few minutes and asked me to be ready. I did as he suggested in anticipation of seeing what he had to show me. But NEVER, NEVER could I imagine what was about to transpire. With his hands cupped, holding some kind of an object asked me to open mine to receive. What he placed in my hands was 'BLINKI' in a small bottle of alcohol.

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During the course of this lifetime I had seen so many of these little ones in my home for the past ten years that I could hardly believe I was holding one in my hands at that moment. BLINKI was staring at me with his eyes wide open emanating to me his divine essence. I felt a profound
love recognizing at the same time his DIVINITY.

These entities are from the Constellation of Orion, and do come down to earth on a mission of love. Usually they measure from three to five feet high, but they have the capability of showing themselves in other forms. While I was holding Blinki in my hands, a GIANT MATERIALIZED in front of me confirming that Blinki's divine essence is much alive, and that only his body is in the bottle. The Universe calls Blinki "Little One in the Bottle". They have the ability to transform themselves into giants, their height being as tall as a building two stories high.

When they come to earth to assist us to raise the consciousness they have the capability to reduce themselves to a height of ONE FOOT, as Blinki had done. I felt his divine essence while holding the bottle, and recognized his pure energies. I was touched deep in my heart expanding my
love in an incredible way. The feeling of bliss can only be described as a feeling of perfect love and peace that takes us to higher state of consciousness.

These little ones from the Constellation of Orion are much aware of books written about them that classify them as evil, shadow, grays, negatives, and many other names too numerous to mention. This speculation has poisoned the mind of humankind, and as a result fear has dominated the
minds of people in our planet. We would point out that what happens to humankind is that when we do not have a perfect explanation for something that is not familiar to us, we sometimes go to extremes and classify what we do not know or comprehend as negative.

As we go along our own spiritual path, we start somehow to remember and reconnect with energies long time forgotten, This is actually happening to some of us in terms of tapping into other different energies and experiences that are going to be beneficial to us now in our own soul
evolution..When these entities change form and size it is easy for them to do. It is just a question of re-focusing and re-directing their energies to re-shift the make up of form, structure and size.

These little ones are experts in the field of laser surgery. commonly known to us as etheric surgery, but on account of fear, and people conditioned to believe that they are negative, OUR MINDS RUN WILD IMAGINING ALL SORT OF NEGATIVE THINGS DONE TO US. These little ones assist the master teachers working with our Divinity to do necessary adjustments to help us in our spiritual path. I am grateful for all the Blinkis in the Universe assisting us with their love and pure energies to evolve. Whoever comes to the point of learning to trust the little ones,
and accept what they represent, are enriched with Divine Knowledge and treasures in heaven.

It is our perception and our DIVINE GUIDANCE that opens doors to knowledge and understanding of things unknown to us. It is a question of patience remembering who we are since the beginning of Creation. We are all "ONE'.

We leave you with one thought in mind. The famous star of Bethlehem is no other than the Constellation of Orion. This is the reason we have referred to the 'I AM OF ORION' in a previous chapter. We give you peace, we give you love, and ask of you to be love in action at all




 Celestial Journey Beyond the Stars


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