Excerpt from Open Door from the Universe

An excerpt from Open Door from the Universe:


"Little has been said about the origin of the three Wise Men coming down to planet Earth seeking the whereabouts of the Holy Family in Bethlehem. The Wise Men's journey to earth was orchestrated by Divine Order and all that transpired came to pass by Divine Intervention.

Melchior is one of the three Wise Men and is very close to the throne of YHWH, and has never reincarnated on earth, even though he has the ability to materialize in form when it is in accordance with the DIVINE PLAN of the Universe to assist in a situation or to guide someone as elevated in
consciousness as our beloved brother, Jesus the Christ, as pre-arranged by the Councils of Light, and in accordance with the role that each one has to play down here on earth.

When we start ascending in consciousness, we learn to go through the open door. As time goes on, we must learn to keep that door/portal open. What happens when a door is open? Traffic goes both ways, in and out.

We must have present in our minds that our Divine Essence changes vessels; what we call on earth "human bodies". Our spirit changes forms for specific reasons in order to assist in a healing or to bring light to someone in need. The Essence of our CELESTIAL BEING never changes confirming to us that we are sparks of God/Goddess regardless where we are required to be. Our Divine Essence is INFINITE and a representation of perfect love. We have come down here to learn the lesson of perfect love, the perfect love of SELF.

Our own MONAD or soul has at all times twelve aspects of SELF, and each aspect of SELF has twelve of their own, and each one subsequently has twelve aspects or parallel lives of SELF until we reach INFINITY. This is what we would call our DIVINITY. We are talking about fragmentation. If we figure out that each one of us possesses twelve aspects of Self, and each aspect of Self possesses twelve of their own, it stands to reason to think and accept fragmentation. We are at all times energy and consciousness. Energy divides and subdivides and continues fragmenting until we reach infinity.Evolution is coming home merging with other parts of Self as a LIGHT in perfect love

As humanoids we are just one part of those twelve aspects of Self but we are assisted at all times by our other eleven parallel parts of Self. This is called our inter-dimensional Divine Essence that walks with us at all times. The Universe is the I AM. When we came down to earth, we became individualized I AM. We must make every effort to integrate and merge with all aspects of Self, and then with that part of Self that is Celestial from the I AM OF THE UNIVERSE.

Regardless of different forms and shapes, the Sublime Divinity is present in them, as is present in all that exists in the Universe. If we concentrate OUR ENERGIES in our Divinity, it will not be that difficult for us to discern and comprehend what is being presented to us. Learn to
recognize the energy instead of the form.

Don't ever forget that we are only part of the twelve aspects of Self of the Monad of our soul. While on earth the other eleven parts of our Self throughout the Universe nurture us with their light.

Miracles do exist. They are everyday occurrences. These miracles do occur when we allow our heart to guide us by listening to the voice within of our God/Goddess."



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