Goddess Meditation


Please be as comfortable as you can, either sitting down,, laying down or
in Yoga position. Concentrate in your breathing and be totally relaxed.
Breathe in the pure PRANA, THE ENERGY OF THE I AM, to the count of four,
hold it to the count of four, and exhale through the mouth to the count
of four. Do this three consequitive times.

Concentrate in the love of the Goddess, and bring down to you the
energies of the Goddess coming to you as a shower of VIOLET RAY or as a
VIOLET FLAME transmuting anything that is not for your highest good at
the present time. Through your breathing bring the violet light into
yourself through the crown chakra and on every breath bring the violet
light down to touch the next chakra, the third eye, and so on until you
have touched all of them..

Then start the same procedure with the GOLD LIGHT. breathe in and bring
the golden ray through the crown chakra, and on each breath continue
descending touching each chakra one at a time. . When you have finished
doing this, shower yourself with the golden ray touching your heart area
to emanate to the world the violet flame to touch the hearts of
humankind, and this includes terrorists and those that do not have the
best intentions to bring peace into this world, and send it to our entire
planet as our Goddess , Mother Nature, needs all the assistance we can
give HER.

Just a moment of peace and dedication by the Warriors of the Light ,
CALLING THE GODDESS ENERGIES, would result in a shift in consciousness
for the betterment of harmony, peace and love in the hearts of mankind.
Any contribution to the LIGHT through an act of love will be rewarded
manifesting gifts from Spirit into your life at this time.

After this meditation, if you desire to go into the silence of your soul,
please do so. Follow the intuition of your own DIVINITY.


We are "ONE"