Excerpt from Open Door to the Universe

An excerpt from Open Door to the Universe:


"My entrance into this earth was manifested at nine-thirty in the morning on November 23, 1926, in Puerto Limon, Costa Rica. Unfortunately for my mother it was the custom to have, as an assistant to the delivery, the services of a midwife. This midwife was somewhat knowledgeable but was no substitute for the services of a good, well educated physician. As was the case during my birth, there was no provision to deliver me at a weight of twelve pounds without provoking a tremendous amount of suffering to my mother. I heard the story many times but never a single
complaint from my mother.

Our father deserted my mother and five children when the last one was about to be born. We sort of resented his actions but finally we all came to forgive him twenty two years later. When my father reached the age of ninety he asked for my mother to be by his bedside. She complied and three days later he passed on with a smile on his face.

This powerful lesson taught our whole family how even those who had been unforgiving for decades can redeem themselves by forgiving, giving joy, and understanding to someone in need. We hope that some day you may be the one receiving or giving forgiveness. Our sense of pride in this is enormous.

This chapter can be closed praising Creation for the many opportunities given to us to amend any misunderstandings we have here on this earthly plane.

Whenever our grandchildren became ill they would be physically "removed" from their beds about eleven at night, and would be "returned" to their beds at approximately four in the morning. We did not worry, as we knew they were being healed by extraterrestials (ANGELS) and were in good hands.

I would like to emphasize now that I am one of thousands on Earth having been prepared for many years for the leap in consciousness. I have been told not to worry about Earth changes, as a special "Light Being" that travels through very high dimensions will come down to personally give me instructions. At such time I will be taken to a place where I will be guided and instructed in everything I must do so I could guide and share with others all opportunities presented to me during this lifetime. There is no fear in my heart, as I firmly believe that my Creator only
has invested his best interest and love in me and HE wishes me to return someday to what I was in the beginning of Creation, a Creator God myself.

The glory of past incarnations is great, but at present what counts is how we act and how much we are willing to remember and accept. Our right actions are very important. Make an effort, with joy in your hearts, to be an inspiration to others. BE UNCONDITIONAL LOVE at all times.

Remember how to walk through the open door to the Universe to be Gods and Goddesses of Creation as you are Creation yourself. I encourage all of you to attempt to walk through the 'Open Door to the Universe'".



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